Welcome to Jessie's little corner of the web.
This website is a jumbled collection of things I enjoy, and an excuse for me to play with colors.
I hope you find something that interests you here.

Jessie's Bad Poetry Archive
I am taking this section down, but left a couple of things for posterity.

Have you ever felt the sun
as it beat against your back,
or the gentle summer rain
as it caressed your face?
Have you ever sat in the shade of a tree
on a warm bed of leaves
and just took in nature?
Have you wept in despair
that you would never meet a dryad,
or dance with Bacchus and his wild girls,
or drink in the sweet morning dew with faeries and fauns?
Have you ever really seen a sunset?
Have you climbed the highest mountain,
scaled the tallest wall,
or crawled thirsting through a desert?
And have you felt the sorrow of our loss?
Do you know what it's like to wake from a dream,
weeping for what you have left behind,
even though it's only a memory of lost bliss
that you never really knew?
And, have you felt, in your soul,
sorrow which cannot be consoled;
Has your heart ever ached,
eclipsed it's threshold for pain?
Have you felt the fire in yourself,
and have you kindled it in others?
Have you known emptiness,
the lack of these things,
and the blindness it gives birth to?
and do you, then, know me?

Smattering of discernment
never enough to mirror self
or to reveal
yet roving hurt
strikes at random
and rips out
happy heart,
strength of character
is lost on some
and hard to hold onto
in despairing times
but underlies
the honey-dipped
of sweet farewell
and loving eyes.
nothing sweet is lost forever.

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