Welcome to Jessie's little corner of the web.
This website is a jumbled collection of things I enjoy, and an excuse for me to play with colors.
I hope you find something that interests you here.

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My parents, my sister and I on her wedding day, 2003

My parents and 3 of my grandparents at my sister's wedding, 2003

My husband and his grandfather / dad, 2003-ish

Neal, Ann, Nat, Bob, Me, and two of Nat's friends, Playing Changeling at Nat's place, 1998-ish

My husband and his foster sister, 2003-ish

Sadie Trooper and Scooby Doo, 2003-ish

This is me, circa march of 2001, before I took out my piercings.

My parents' 150lb German Shepard Puppy, Hansel, 2001-ish.

Neal and the Attack of the killer lobster bath-buddy, 1999-ish

My buddy Nait, 1999-ish

my little sister sitting in my kitchen, 2001-ish

My sister and I, and our grandpa, at my parents' house, 2001-ish

More to come, someday when I have time =)

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