Welcome to Jessie's little corner of the web.
This website is a jumbled collection of things I enjoy, and an excuse for me to play with colors.
I hope you find something that interests you here.

    more links to come (when I find some more worthy sites)    

these are various sites that I enjoy visiting from time to time. They make excellent snowy-wisconsin-weather reading material. ;)

My friend Billie is incredibly cool. I've known him for 10 zillion years. He is a mac geek and I'm a PC user. He prefers Star Trek Voyager and I prefer Star Trek DS9. He's an extrovert who has had several drinks named after him, and I'm an introvert who mostly sips tea quietly at home. My brother from another mother. My soul mate. My best friend. The gay male version of me. I'm going to fight the selfish urge to keep him all to myself, and give you the link to his website. you should go there now.

911BC Search and Rescue
I'm the volunteer webmaster here. 911BC provides Forensic Canine Search & Recovery services to official agencies in the event of disasters, missing persons, and other types of emergency situations.

Art Bell
The undisputed king of AM talk radio, at least in my book.

Professor Stephen Hawking
A brilliant man. Not to be confused with:

MC Hawking
Stephen Hawking doesn't mind.

The Crime Library
This website is both cheaper, and much, much, much creepier, than renting horror movies!

Slashdot:  News for nerds/News that matters
The Onion
PythOnline- A Monty Python Web Page
News of the Weird
Global Ideas Bank
An ordinary man being harassed by nissan motor co.
Stop Breeding Already, you freaks! Join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Rainbow Family of Living Light Unofficial home page
Rainbow Farm Camp Ground in Vandalia, MI

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