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    My Very first (and only so far) hate mail    
    On Christmas day 2003, I got my first (and only) "hate mail" related to my website. I must be reaching even more people than I thought! ;) I got a kick out of it, and maybe you will too. Submitted for your enjoyment, here is the email, and below that, my response. ;)

Cavaliers0321@aol.com wrote:

your website sucks
and you look like a weirdo
quit wasting peoples time

heheh.. thanks man.. In the almost 8 years I've had my website up (in one form or another), I've never gotten one negative response before yours. In fact, I've received over 500 emails throughout the years saying otherwise.. Most of them were thanking me for the free homemade drempels textures, the information on greek literature, and the homemade graphics and web page layout, which many people have used with my permission on their own websites. In fact, one of my favorite authors, Piers Anthony, has a link to my website on his site, so I get over a thousand visitors a day sometimes. I've gotten alot of positive responses from that alone. While I have no idea which of my sites you saw (I have 3 domains and each has it's own website) I did get a kick out of your note, even if it was poorly punctuated and made up entirely of sentence fragments. I'm going to save it and put it on my website. It just proves my theory that most people who are bored enough to leave "hate mail" do it because they are too stupid to put their time to better use.

Merry Christmas, and lots of luck in english class!

P.S. - Do you write HTML? I'd love to see your website if you have one. It must be fantastic.

"Those who can, do. Those who can't, criticize those who can"

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