Welcome to Jessie's little corner of the web.
This website is a jumbled collection of things I enjoy, and an excuse for me to play with colors.
I hope you find something that interests you here.

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For those of you who might want to contact me for any reason, feel free to sign the guestbook or become a fan on facebook, or email me. I welcome all comments and questions about any of the pages on this site. If you have anything you would like to say to me about this site, or even if you just want to say hi and tell me what's on your mind, well.. feel free!


A brief comment on spam:
Since a few people have a hard time understanding very simple concepts, I must point out that this is NOT an invitation to send SPAM or UCE of any sort. I don't need a larger penis in just 10 days, and you can keep your advertisements for porn sites and viagra to yourself. I never signed up for any "Charity Email Lists" that actually advertise email spamming services (Thanks Newport Internet Marketing Group and Robert Soloway, SPAMMER SCUM).

Don't waste my time and bandwidth sending "get rich quick" or pyramid schemes, "work at home" offers, etc. Similarly, chain letters threatening misfortune if they are not forwarded within 5 seconds, pleas to help fictitious children with diseases, "bill gates will send you a million dollars if you forward this to all your friends" or "Coca Cola will send you a free case of coke if you spam all of your friends" emails, or anything else of the sort will be ignored, no matter how much I like you in real life.

I'm not buying anything you have to sell and I don't care if bad luck will haunt me (or some fictitious sick child) until my dying day all because I didn't forward your chain letter to 20,000 people. If you really like me, why would you want me to have misfortune if I don't spam people? So please don't waste your time or mine by sending me crap like that.

For a clearer description of what SPAM is and how you can take back your inbox, please read my SPAM FAQ.

With this in mind, here is my email address.


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